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I find myself having to make meal plans.  That in itself is not unusual, most everybody has to do that.  But, I find myself doing it on random days of the week with no real thought to the whole process.  Then I always don’t make one of the dishes I put on the meal plan (or worse this last time I forgot what dishes I was going to make.)

I realize that food is food, and that I don’t need recipes to have dinner.  Just throw some vegetables, fruit, and meat together and you’ve got dinner, nothing fancy.

Well, Maus and I really like recipes.  It orders the food making process and I don’t have to keep so many things in my head all the time.  Plus, they’re tasty!  It used to be that Maus and I would pick these recipes and we’d have to get all new ingredients for each recipe, and then those ingredients would eventually go bad after not being used for another recipe, but things have gotten much much better.

One of the reasons is because I’ve figured out where to find recipes written by people who have to make dinner every night with a limited variety of ingredients.  So, that onion and pepper?  Re-used.  That dijon mustard?  Sweet and Sour, I think.  That ketchup?  Meat loaf!

I know this isn’t groundbreaking in any real way, that’s how stuff is SUPPOSED to work.  But, I’ve lived in a world for a long time that didn’t work at all.  So, to find this experience of simple homemaking food consistent is kind of a big deal to me.  It’s like the fact I clean our apartment now.  I didn’t clean or once vacuum an apartment or townhome for seven years, despite living there.  Things were dysfunctional and vacuuming kinda came last on the list.  Now that things are functional, I clean and vacuum every other day.  And now, I make meals.

So what am I having this week?  Well, Mondays and Wednesdays are classes, so we typically eat out after I get out of class at 9, however, I’m going to try to shoot for some leftovers after class because we’ve been eating out a lot.

For a while I was eating all red meat (ground beef), plus not draining it.  I went to my nurse practitioner (not the new one, the one I really liked).  She said my triglycerides good, my vitamin D was good, but I had this strange spike in cholesterol that was a little concerning.  Now, cholesterol is a good thing, the right kinds, it helps you think properly.  I told her our diet of red meat and she immediately said, “Yep, that’s it.”  So now, I try to plan a sea food dish, a red meat dish, a chicken dish, and a vegetable dish.

Coming up on the red meat dish, I already had a couple red peppers, so I opted for some stuffed peppers:


These are some Fiesta Stuffed Peppers.  I got them off of all (one of my favorite sites).  I try to find recipes that fit mostly into a healthier gluten and carbohydrate light diet, but I make allowances.  Just eating our own food is more healthy in its own right.  Now, if I can just muster up enough effort to exercise… heehee.  These are stuffed with a ground beef mixture that looked interesting.



This actually is NOT a picture of the actual dish.  There isn’t a picture, I got it from the Grain Brain book (not the cookbook, which I also have).  Anyways, this is a simple dish that actually WORKS from this book.  Maus and I enjoyed it with a side of vegetables quite well.  The problem with the Grain Brain cookbook, and the original Grain Brain, is that many of the recipes are fucked up.  They don’t work!  You should’ve seen the glaze I made with some liquor… I burned it. Yeah.  But this one, I can recommend.  It’s really lemony!



It’s Sweet and Sour Chicken Tenders!  I adore sweet and sour, even though I often order Chicken Lo Mein from chinese restaurants.  This homemade sweet and sour recipe looks really good.  It only does the chicken, but with ten chicken tenders that’s going to go pretty far providing some food and leftovers. Pair this with a lightly seasoned yuppy vegetable steaming bag and I see deliciousness in the future.  Writing this, I’m actually looking forward to this one, mm-hmm.

More seafood?


I also love garlic, and I love shrimp.  So garlic with shrimp?  Oh yeah.  This is an interesting dish to me because instead of cooking the shrimp in a skillet, as I usually do, as I understand it I bake the shrimp in a baking dish in the oven.  I guess that’s what scampi means?  All I know is when I order shrimp scampi at Red Lobster it’s very good.  So, this dish should be pretty good… I’ll let you know.

And vegetables?


This Tagine looks intimidating, and that it’ll make A LOT.  I usually avoid recipes that will make a ton, but every dinner I’m searching for some kind of vegetable side.  It’ll be nice to have this in the repertoire that I can heat up and put in a bowl.  I have no idea what a tagine is, but, Ill figure it out.  I love carrots, sweet potatoes, and such, so I’m sure I’ll love this dish.  Right?

Anyways, if you’re interested, although I posted the links here, these are also posted up on my pinterest food board.  I’ll have to make them this week and tell you how they are!

photo credit: Salmon with Fingerling Potatoes via photopin (license)

photo credit: Gawping frozen fish heads in a Bath fishmonger’s window via photopin (license)


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