Fall 2015 Classes

Well, I’ve officially started the next semester of my continuing college experience.  This semester I’m taking two classes (fancy).  I’ve got Conversational Spanish I, and Drawing II.

Conversational Spanish was interesting.  The class is taught completely in Spanish.  Very very little English.  There is also super emphasis on the oral aspect.  There is very little writing involved, you learn in class from doing and listening.  Of course, this causes me to not quite know how to spell stuff right away, but that’s okay.  Today I learned that preguntas was question.  I also learned how to ask and tell informacion personal:

Como te llamas?

  1. Mi nombre es Asher
  2. Me llama Asher
  3. Soy Asher

De donde eres?

  1. Soy de (Colorado), Estados Unidos
  2. Soy Estadounidense.

Donde vives?

  1. Vivo en Fort Collins.

Pretty schnazzy!

It was kind of funny a little.  There are all skill levels in the class, including one person that already knew Spanish fluently.  Some know some Spanish knowledge, and others none (like me!)  Well, it was interesting because I had come to the campus late (I was going to get a notebook and the textbook before class) so I had no textbook or paper or anything.  Just me.  I watched as other people took notes and wrote stuff down while she talked.  I didn’t, I just focused on the oral teaching.  We paired up then and practiced.  I noticed that the people who took more notes had more trouble doing the exercise orally, or if they had prior cursory knowledge of Spanish as well.  My exercises, of course, were perfect (heehee).  The professor pointed out at the end of the class that if you take notes like they had done, you’re asking your brain to do a lot of things.  You’re asking it to read, write, listen, repeat, and follow.  Whereas, if you approached it like I had to, you can focus directly on listening and repeating.  So, that was interesting.

So, I have Drawing II in the evening this time.  Last semester I had it in the afternoon.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about drawing into the evening (we end at 8:50), but such is the way.  I’m a little nervous and a little excited because this is very challenging for me.  We are now going to focus and explore color theory, and advanced composition.  It’s exciting because in this class you’re given more freedom on what you choose to draw, offering proposals for projects and such.  It’s daunting because, I have no idea how to do color, and Drawing III and IV students are in the same class.  Drawing I was very specific in its execution of sighting and translation, Drawing II obviously moves beyond that.  So, I gotta step up!

So hopefully I’ll have some cool new compositions and stuff that I can share here and on my Instagram/Twitter and Facebook.  I have to get the materials necessary tomorrow from Jerry’s Artarama.

In all, both classes sound like they’re going to be challenging and offer room for growth.  We’ll see how far I can push myself.

In other news, I finished taping up the rest of Isaac Homebrew’s head so that we can fur it.  I’m going back to my childhood home to visit my parents and other nephews (and brother and sister-in-law) on Thursday and Friday.  While I’m there we’re going to work on getting Isaac’s head furred and some other things in place.  One concern we’ve had is the eyes.  He’s going to have googly eye goggles, but the eyes in relation to the mask are really low on the openings, much like a balaclava of course.  And the eyebrows are a little high.  We’re thinking maybe I’ll see out of ear ducts and use fake eyes for the goggles.  I don’t know, I’m a bit anxious about it.

photo credit: Show and Tell – explaining the rain game via photopin (license)


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