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I realized today that I haven’t played my 3DS in a long time.  That’s a shame, cause it’s fun to play my DS!  I actually have an ‘old’ Nintendo 3DS XL black.  I’ll probably have to upgrade to a ‘new’ Nintendo 3DS eventually, but for now, there’s really no need.  If you are interested in 3DS stuff, like getting one, for instance, you can click on the image to the left to purchase from amazon directly.

One of the nifty things that you can do with a 3DS is do StreetPass.  There are some built-in games, and some extra games you can purchase, that enable you to meet other Mii’s (Nintendo’s little versions of people that you create) as you pass them by when you walk around with your 3DS.  Not only do you get the possibility of meeting other Mii’s (other people) but you also get play coins for all the steps you take with your 3DS in tow.

I actually lost my 3DS yesterday at the car repair place.  Our vapor box underneath our trunk had become contaminated and was leaking fuel.  Well, $500 later, it’s been fixed.  Whew!  I had to use Über twice to get to and from, and let me tell you, it was SO MUCH BETTER than the taxi’s ever been.  I’m so glad I never have to use the stupid yellow taxi in Fort Collins again.  Anyways, somehow my 3DS slipped out of my backpack and in between two chairs in the waiting area.  I searched all morning for it, I was convinced somebody stole it at the car place, but when I called it turned out they had it.  Whew!

Anyways, the games in StreetPass rely on you meeting other people, and incorporate such into their game.  For example, there’s an angler (fishing) game I like, and when you meet people they give certain kinds of bait to fish with.  In another, they help you battle zombies, and in the most basic built-in one, they help you get tiles for pictures.

One of my favorite games is Flower Town.  In it, you grow plants with help from visiting flower enthusiasts.  When you meet people they come in and water your plant, making it grow, and then they share their plants with yours to get seeds to make more plants.  I actually have become a master gardener already (I’ve grown 20 different species of plants) but I’m still going ’cause there’s still so much more there is to grow.  It shows a little silver medal on the game now, but I want to see if I can get a gold medal.  I don’t really know how to do that, though.

Anyways, you can take pictures of your gardens where you keep your plants in Flower Town.  I’ve posted pictures of my gardens before, but I thought I’d post some updates.  I have three gardens, one with a very rare special birthday cake flower.  I’m growing a new flower now that I think is going to turn out to be a very rare breed, but it isn’t grown yet.  Here’s my Mii posing with his gardens:




Do you see the birthday cake flower up there?  I’m excited to see what flower I grow next, ’cause it’s pretty special.  I wish I could take screenshots of specific flowers, but alas, I can’t seem to do that.

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

photo credit: High grain performance via photopin (license)


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