Fun With the Other Nephews

So this week I took a few days and visited my childhood home again, but this time to see my other nephews.  I have three brothers, one blood, one half, and one adopted.  This was my full blood brother’s family.  I’ve written about this sister-in-law before and how great she is.  She’s pretty great.

Their family is hard core man.  Not only do my nephews like cow tongue, their father boils water to make bone broth and drinks it.  Sounds appetizing.  Also, sardine salads… oh my.  I don’t think me and Maus are ever going to be as healthy as them.  Hell, I don’t think anybody will ever be as healthy, resourceful, and conscious as them.  That’s what makes them great.

When I went down there I only stayed a couple days because I knew I had to get my color wheel done for class on Monday.  However, I did bring my art supplies down and ended up working on my color wheel while I was there.  My mother had some good news, but I’m going to wait to share it until everything’s finalized.

At one point I was sitting with no shirt and a frilly apron with my Mom coloring my wheel watching Golden Girls.  My brother came down and stared at us for a while, until I said, “What?”  He said, “This is the gayest thing ever.”  He was remarking more about the frilly apron and the Golden Girls, but the whole situation itself was pretty gay.

I made an off color joke when I was sitting in the sewing shop with my mother and her two older friends.  They were talking about a dire situation a local girl was finding herself in, and remarked about men.  I joked that I had a magnet on my refrigerator of women drinking martinis that read, “Not all men annoy us.  Some men are gay.”  Apparently my mother’s older friends weren’t prepared to grok that.  So, I just have to make sure, no more gay jokes.

So, I already shared my color wheel on social media, but I’ll include it here as well so you can see what I’ve done.


Each color going around the wheel is supposed to be a mixture between the primary and and secondary colors into each other.  Going in towards the center of the wheel is a mixture or cross between that primary/secondary color and its complement.  I had trouble imagining this in my head, but it came out like it was supposed to.  I don’t know if I’m doing it right, I have trouble with them mixing on the paper.  I don’t know if I push too hard, or not hard enough, or what the deal is.  I had to use my finger a lot to mix the pastels.  We are only using primary color pastels in class, so those secondary colors are actually two pastel colors mixed together.  The thing I’m hoping is good though is that I kept a pretty good definition of the color as it went into the wheel and the inside sections look pretty distinct.

In other news, I blew some more bubbles for my nephews.  I wrote before about how I can use the yellow bathtub foam board to form giant bubbles.  This time I made some really big ones, even bigger than when I made them them with my other nephew.  I actually caught one on camera, it’s huge.


That’s like, crazy huge.  Yes, all those were formed with a foam board and a normal bubble wand.  I am the skunk bubble master!

And the last news, I inspected my fursuit equipment when I was there.  The boots, glasses, and suspenders came and they are perfect.  My suit is going to look so amazing.  Unfortunately, we had hoped we could have fur when I was there so we could fur my head, but we had trouble locating a rust colored fur again.  We finally found a rust colored fur (Willy color) and ordered it, but it’ll take a while.  I don’t understand where some of these fursuit makers get their fur.  There’s got to be a better place than scouring the internet for various obscure bolts.  My mother is concerned that the long fur isn’t going to work well on the head, but I said we could trim it.  She is skeptical, saying it’s really hard to trim fake fur and make it look okay.  She suggested we comb it and spray it down, but I think that’ll look funny.  Mom was impressed with my fursuit head and moving jaw though.  So that was nice.

Oh, I almost forgot, I actually have a niece now too!  She’s just a baby, and I didn’t get to interact with her a whole lot, but she’s pretty cute.  We think she may even have dark hair!

photo credit: turkeylurkey-1-155 via photopin (license)


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