Halloween 2015!

Here is pictures from Halloween 2015! Again, don’t use the dots, use the arrows, there’s LOTS of pictures. We went to Old Town three times. Once when Maus’ internet show was over, which unfortunately didn’t yield as many people. We also went during an event with children, so that’s mixed in there too. And then we went to Old Town at night, which had a lot more people. I saw people standing in long lines to get into clubs. What exactly happens in a club that you’d want to stand there that long to be in a cramped space? There were lots of costumes, but mine was the only fursuit I saw. I was walking down the street when I heard these three guys say, “Nice fursuit.” I also was crossing the street when three guys behind kept going, “Yiff yiff yiff, yiff in hell…” I wanted to give them the finger back, but I very much didn’t. That wouldn’t be a good idea. The only other negative thing that happened is this guy though I was the mascot of the opposing team and yelled emphatically, “Not cool man!” Whatever. Most of the interactions were good ones though. I had several people take pictures with me, which is always a plus. One person actually got that I was a raccoon, and complimented my boots. My boots are pretty awesome.

Here’s a short video with some excerpts of my suiting (mostly me trying to play the piano with very limited vision):


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