Isaac Homebrew in Old Town July 2016

So, I went out and did some fursuiting… yay!

I fursuited with my most current (and so far only) fursuit I have: Isaac Homebrew.  The thing about Isaac Homebrew is that he’s supposed to have gray suspenders, but I need to get suspender buttons and such to attach them to on my shorts. I think the gray suspenders really make the whole character final, but I have been lazy and yet to attach them.

In light of this, I went out this time in full, nor partial, and just wore my upper shirt open.  I do that sometimes, a bit casual.

I got lots of pictures and some video, though.  Here are the pictures:

I caught some video of me doing it too.  Of course!  Near the beginning of the video you’ll notice that there is some video that doesn’t have me in it.  It turns out this guy hired this group of people to sing and then proposed to his girlfriend right there in Old Town!  I was there, it was amazing.  So, I thought that was pretty special.  I also tried to play the piano, but Maus was talking to some guy fromt the singing group and I didn’t really want that in the video.

So here’s the video:

I haven’t done this in a while, and it was fun to do it again.  I wanted to go with some friends, and in the morning, but things hadn’t quite worked out that way yet.

It was kind of neat, there were other buskers out, actually quite a few!  There was a caricaturist, and a guy who juggled flaming torches.  It was pretty cool.  After this one guy took a photo he actually gave me a dollar because he thought I was busking.  Hey, dollar for me!


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