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I’m making a new fursuit.  I hope to have it finished as soon as possible.  It’s name is Isaac Homebrew.  Isaac is an engineer extraordinare!  You can tell from his glasses.  Here’s a digital sketch of him from the front.  Maus has made other sketches but I’d have to either photograph them or scan them in.  I might do that.


His fur is rust.  I wobbled back and forth on what fur to use (as in if I should get more), but I’m starting to think that Willy’s old orange/rust fur should be fine.  I just wonder how much of Willy’s fur we have left.  His boots are leather harness boots that we got off e-bay.  This isn’t the exact image, but it gives you an idea:


He’s got black shorts and short-sleeved button up shirt on, but it’s going to be over actual fur, so his clothes can change for any given situation.  His hair is actually black.  I was thinking something along the lines of a pompadour, or greaser (Danny) without the sideburns.  That’s going to be a little difficult to get (a good one), or get it looking correctly.  Wigs are hard.  Here’s an example of what I was thinking of (minus the side burns):


The gray stripes are wide gray canvas suspenders.  The suspenders to actually be used have little attachments at the ends of them.  I wanted to give a simple (dusty) wide square engineering/tinkering look to him.  His face has a black spot on his chin, and black along the upper part of his snout and into a raccoon mask on his eyes.  He’s not really a particular species, but I was thinking of having a limp black and rust colored raccoon tail.  That’s also going to be a little hard to find.

The best element however, is the glasses.  The glasses are not pictured here, but they are awesome.  So, I thought, what does a classic tinkerer have? Giant glasses that make his eyes all googly and magnified!  That’s what Isaac is going to have.  We found some specialty costume glasses that I can see normal out of, but make my eyes all magnified and such.  That’s going to be the finishing touch on the costume I think, the thing that really brings the whole character together.

photo credit: 20141031_190902[1] via photopin (license)


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