Leaves and Houses, Episode 3

When I had a DS a while ago it was just the standard screen with stylus.  I had this cool game called Animal Crossing: Wild World. It was really nifty, I loved the little animal villagers and the things they’d say. It was very cute.  There were some downs to the game though, the interface was cludgy, and things like keeping track of what was already donated and how you donated were absent.  It was good, but in light of the improvements of the latest version, it was a little date.

So now comes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS!  I love the 3D aspect of the 3DS, it doesn’t give me headaches.  The gripes I had with AC previously they’ve fixed pretty much all of them with the new version.  Of course, it took me months before I realized I could group up the fruit into bunches, and I could switch tools easily using the left or right directional pad.  But, once I had those things figured out, things went pretty smooth.

If you are interested in Animal Crossing for the 3DS please click on the image above to buy directly from Amazon.


My village is named Kadaria (my Tomodachi Life’s city is named Chrakia).  I am the mayor of Kadaria, so what I say… goes!  Well, most of the time.  I haven’t visited in three months, and a lot can happen in three months.  One thing in particular that happens is weeds:


So I got this little timer timing me, no pressure, and set out to find like sixty weeds.  That’s easy at first, but, it gets harder.  They hide from you, damn weeds!  So I started trekking around Kadaria and ran across somebody who must’ve moved in while I was gone, Cranberra:

So I checked my mail and discovered that I had ordered something from Crazy.  I got an art piece!  I never have figured out how to get a genuine art piece from him.  Is it even possible?  Where am I supposed to find the art for the museum?  Anyways, I took it to the museum and what do you know, it was a fake!

Back to the town, more weeding… and can’t find all the weeds!  Dammit, I want that weed!  But, I did find new fauna:







Whew!  That’s a lot of bug catching!  So… how goes that weeding?


So I wandered around some more, trying to find the last stupid weed.  I walked and walked and walked, when I realized on the other side of town, there were new houses going up!


Bruce got a hold of me and demanded a fruit from me, which I obliged.  He ate the fruit, but still wanted more from me.  I wonder what he thinks I am?  Bruce needed a new saying, but I couldn’t think of anything… this just popped into my head.  It’s from fae mythology, and it sounded okay.  This is what Bruce has to say:


What’s going on with that weed?



I finally just gave up.  I had to finally give up I couldn’t take it anymore.  So I went and talked to Leif, and well, let him down easy.  I must’ve let him down too easy, he still gave me a gift.  I’ve never had this before, but I guess it seems useful:


I didn’t do much else in the village today.  I sold most of the fruit from the trees, minus the beach palms, and packed away about 100,000 Bells into the bank.  I thought I’d let it sit a couple days get all the fruit back and I’d go through and make bank again.  Maybe I can find more cicadas!  In the end, I’m looking forward to fall, the orange and brown colors are beautiful.

Happy Homes

Animal Crossing came out with a new game, Happy Home Designer!  It’s fun!  Some of the reviews cite that they are disappointed with the lack of more hard core gamey substance, but I thoroughly enjoy working with a palette of furniture and such to see how fancy I can make a place.  I’ve made a school house, but I think my favorite was the hospital.  The idea is basically, you get a client and some requirements.  Then, you design the inside and outside of their house using your repertoire of interior and exterior decorating goods.  That’s about it so far!  It’s neat.  If you’re interested in Happy Home Designer you might consider clicking it on the left to buy it straight from Amazon.

So, I put on my real estate / interior designer hat and decided I’d go help around town decorating people’s homes.  Before I could go though, I just unlocked the make-up / look machine in the second floor.  So I had to put together a new look for me.  I thought this made me look like a robot, what do you think?


I decided to help the first person I saw, and that was Dotty.  Which kind of worked, but unfortunately only really gave me about four new furniture options.  It was a bit confusing because Dotty wants everything in black and white, and some of the new items weren’t exactly black and white (but I knew I should use them).  We had high hopes:



So I laid out as well as I could.  I wanted to use quite a bit of stuff to make it elaborate, but I kept tripping over the fact that everything had to be black and white.  The things shown to use weren’t exactly black and white.  Like this floor, it’s supposed to be black and white tile… does it look black and white to you?


Well, I have to admit it was NOT my most inspired work.  It was a little rushed, and I couldn’t really figure out what to put that would fit in the requirements.  I unfortunately couldn’t connect to the internet, my 3DS since an update hasn’t been able to connect to Google Starbucks while I’m at Starbucks, which really sucks.  It was very useful when I could, I’d live tweet my screens and upload my homes.  I suppose I’ll have to connect with a Personal HotSpot on my phone.  That does work.  Here are the pictures of the rest of Dotty’s un-inspired home.  He’d have an HHN address if I could’ve connected to the internet.  I’ll make sure that I can connect next time so I can get one.

Well, life in Video Game Land is pretty bustling.  But, like my life lately, a touch uninspired.  I’ll see if I can get something smash-bang next time!

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929

My dream code for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is – 5700-5961-3124

photo credit: 2016-06-14-1384 via photopin (license)


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