Love, Always

I always loved you,
And I wrote poetry to prove it,
I fell all around myself,
And I wrote poetry to show it,
It’s taken a long time but,
I crawled away from
The walls that glowed with hate,
I finally coughed up all the eggs,
And I pulled out all the strings,
My fleshy detritus washed away
Down the fetish room drain
I walk where the walls are clear
Not words, not writing, not scrawled
I no longer dwell in bathroom stalls
And hidden away in labyrinthine concrete
There are no more machines;
I broke them all.
I finally stand where the light bathes me,
And nothing can touch me now
Until I reach for it myself
There is strength in my size,
And the vastness of my head
Looms over me open
Instead of innocence clandestine,
There is no more consuming,
There is no more peristalsis,
And what I speak I give, not take,
I always loved you,
And I ran so fast away from it,
But you were always faster than me,
In my frailty laid mercy,
And now, now I know what you meant.
The pornographic darkness is below me
I sparkle in the sun,
Cleansed by my own touch,
Head up, chin up,
Eyes closed yet open,
To the love you always had for me.

photo credit: Lotus Carroll via photopin cc


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