New Streaming Equipment!

I now have new streaming equipment!  With this equipment I can now begin streaming again, and this time I’m not only limited to PS1 and PS2 games.  The new equipment has an HDMI port, which enables me to stream my PS2, Ps3 and my Wii U.  As well as my PS4 when I get one sometime.  I haven’t streamed any gameplay for a while because the desktop I was using died.  I didn’t have the equipment nor the software up until now which is why my Twitch channel’s been a little bare.

But now, I can stream everything!  So, keep an eye out on the left for my Twitch stream and join me in chat while I play new and old games.  Right now I’m still working through Arc The Lad II.  As soon as I get that done we’ll see where I can go from there.

photo credit: Basketball was once the undisputed King in Indiana. via photopin (license)


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