In the For The New Intellectual Facebook group. ¬†There is so much “Stefan” had to say I had to reduce it down.

Jennifer Snow: There are actually two concomitant unique properties that a (proper) government is supposed to have: 1.) Objectivity 2.) a monopoly on the use of retaliatory force in a certain geographical region. Not that achieving either of those is easy, but if you’re just looking for a short answer, that’s it.

Stefan Metzeler: … You clearly do NOT have any intellectual superiority. Either you can argue your case or you cannot! And so far, you are doing VERY badly! “Talking about “inherent” properties is an epistemological error known as intrinsicism” NONSENSE!!! …

Asher Wolfstein: Stefan, you once said that the person who lobbies against the thing he despises, such as saying homosexuals are evil, or that drugs are the end of civilization, are secretly harboring the desire or quality they are against. Before you rush, I’m not saying you are for government, that’s really pointless at this point. But all capping about how government, us, intellectuals, any random person, has no superiority in terms of anything, particularly intellect, is anarchist ecumenicalism (if I can borrow the term). If I’m to glean any wisdom from your words about motives, I can only wonder if you are worried you are less? If you are worried that you do not have a philosophy to back you up, only utilitarian results. If you are worried that having a solid point and definition may strip you of your rationalizations. If you are worried, through your once again pithy generalizations (all governments are corrupt because man is corrupt – a logical implication I took from your argument) your argument can’t possibly be outdone. I can’t really tell at this point what you want, or what you’ve defined… and honestly pulling up charts that you could have drawn yourself with MS Paint? I think your time is due.


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