Pokémon GO Round Up 10

pokemongoPokémon GO has been a bit of an experience.  I know that the chance for certain Pokémon to appear in certain places is high or low.  I know that I won’t necessarily catch all the Pokémon sticking to my regular paths, but at the same time that makes the different Pokémon that much more special.  You’ll know I live in a very populated area, so I run into all sorts of things.  My apartment is almost on top of a gym, which is nice.

If you’re interested in Pokémon GO, you can purchase the app directly by clicking the image to the left.

So this last session, I actually broke down and got some incenses and lucky eggs.  But it’s paid off, I guess, because I have reached level 15:


I also hatched an egg when we went to Chebahut yesterday.  But dammit… it was a Spearow.


Not even a very high level Spearow:


Luckily, I was walking around Old Town doing a little hunting on my own time when I came across this beautiful creature:


I was very happy with that one, and luckily I don’t have to get 100 candy to see it’s evolution.  Just… have to find about 47 more Seels, no problem.

I also powered up my Pyro (Flareon), and finally I’ve broken past 1000 combat points:


Remember, I’m only at level 15, and I don’t spend very many Stardust.  But, in case you’re wonderin’, here’s my top combat points in my Pokédex:


I’m hoping that when I start getting able to have some Pokémon around 1500+ combat points I’ll start being able to participate a lot better in the gyms.

I also got a medal.  I got some other medals but I forgot to take their picture:


Well, we’re going to go get some malts, and go Pokéhunting in the City Park area, so we’ll see what I can get to pop up. In the mean time here are some highlights of my latest catches:

In the mean time, or until next time, happy Pokéhunting!

photo credit: Lillo – Pokémon Go via photopin (license)


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