Pokémon GO Round Up 12

pokemongoPokémon GO is a expanding study.  It’s interesting to me that the same repetitive action can be so compelling, I mean, the game doesn’t change much but you still have an emotional investment in whether you catch a given Pokémon or not.  I know that the chance for certain Pokémon to appear in certain places is high or low.  I know that I won’t necessarily catch all the Pokémon sticking to my regular paths, but at the same time that makes the different Pokémon that much more special.  Fortunately, I go to different areas sometimes.  You’ll know I live in a very populated area, so I run into all sorts of things.

If you’re interested in Pokémon GO, you can purchase the app directly by clicking the image to the left.

What’s funny, is like usual, I had an idea for a monster training/collecting game that utilized walking around for several years before Pokémon GO came out.  Of course, I wouldn’t have the support of the Pokémon brand name, or the characters, so my idea could only go so far.  Ah well, it was up to me anyway.

So first things first, I haven’t posted in quite a while, so I have a bit of a backlog.  But that’s okay, I did remember to actually capture it in screenshots this time, so you can see, I’ve gained two levels!

This might actually put me at a higher level than Maus, I’m not sure.  That’d be kinda cool though.  I think he’s fallen off the Pokémon wagon a bit.  I haven’t seen him play in a while, though I did show him my newest catches.  I also got two medals for catching Pokémon as well, one for ground types and one for flying types.  I blame all the freakin’ Pidgeys.



So that’s pretty cool.  One silver and one gold, interesting…

Anyways, I wrote last time about how I caught a 600 point Rapidash in the wild.  That was pretty cool, but one day I was walking back from Starbucks when out of the blue, there was a Charmeleon in my path!  I was so excited, I did everything I could to capture it, including raspberries and more powerful balls (you gotta have more powerful balls).  I did capture it!  I actually was so excited I forgot to get a screen shot of its stats, I just got it added to my pokédex:


It was pretty amazing.  I didn’t go anywhere special for it, it was just sitting around.  I want to evolve it so badly, but seeing as how I don’t even have a first from Charmander that’s going to be tough.  Where can I go around Colorado that has a lot of Charmander captures?  Anyone know?

However, apparently you can now befriend a Pokémon and walk around with him, gaining points towards candies.  At least, that’s what I understand.  So, of course, who’m I going to walk around with and get candies?  Charmeleon of course!


Hopefully this’ll get me to be able to get enough candies eventually to evolve Charmeleon to his final form.  That will… be… AWESOME!

In other news, I had a slew of eggs hatch.  I’m pretty pleased with the results, seeing as how they’ve expanded by pokédex with some new entries. I’ve been wanting a Psyduck for a while, and now, I have one!  Here are the hatchers:

I got a Ekans, a Psyduck, a Porygon, and a Nidoran.  Pretty neat, though as I walked through Old Town Square towards my usual destination Starbucks, I pondered to myself just how racist Porygon actually is.  Has anyone else thought of that? I mean, it’s pretty bad.  When I told Maus about my musing he gasped and opened his eyes really wide.  He hadn’t ever thought of that.  It was kind of funny.

So I’ve caught quite a selection of Pokémon in the wild beyond that.  A LOT of Pidgeys, and a a LOT of Rattatas… oh my.  I used to catch a bunch of Zubats too, but for some reason they seem to have disappeared.  I haven’t seen a Zubat in a long time.  I was pretty excited about some of my catches, including the Jigglypuff. Here are the highlights, minus the Charmeleon:

photo credit: O Pikachu, Pikachu, Wherefore art thou Pikachu? via photopin (license)


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