Pokémon GO Round Up 15

pokemongoPokémon GO has been a bit of an experience.  I know that the chance for certain Pokémon to appear in certain places is high or low.  I know that I won’t necessarily catch all the Pokémon sticking to my regular paths, but at the same time that makes the different Pokémon that much more special.  Fortunately, I go to different areas sometimes.  You’ll know I live in a very populated area, so I run into all sorts of things.

If you’re interested in Pokémon GO, you can purchase the app directly by clicking the image to the left.

Last time we left the world of Pokémon I was vowing that I would start using it to get myself moving in the morning.  That has sort of worked out.  It’s gotten me moving on the weekend mornings, which is a good thing.  And in fact, on the weekends, Maus comes with me!  It seems now that the weather has gotten warmer (despite the two days of snow cancelling my work) we’re out and about to catch us some Pokémon.  Today we went into old town and around there a bit, and then we did a circle around the library, and cut through to two last Pokéstops.

I also found three new Pokémon in my travels, which was exciting.  There are so many more pokémon out now with the added expansion.  First was the Chikorita:

And then, a 609 point Kabuto!  Although, he doesn’t look very useful, or formidable:

And lastly, but not leastly, a 342 point Slugma.  This guy is apparently a fire Pokémon, but that seems a bit strange to me.  Reminds me a bit of the fire salamander in Secret of Mana (an old SNES game):

Having walked around more on the last two weekends than I usually do I actually hatched a few eggs.  One egg was a beast, and was an excellent hatch, a 431 point Onix:

Another was a 691 point Krabby.  These points aren’t too bad, it’s nice being level 20.  You get Ultra Balls, and high point Pokémon:

And then, somewhat of a disappointment, a 282 point Rattata.  It’s not that I don’t think 282 points is bad, it’s just, well, not 600+ points like my Krabby:

I also got two medals!  I got a medal for catching 10 Dark-Type Pokémon, and a medal for catching 10 Fairy-Type Pokémon:

I also did some experimentation, and I discovered that the Eevee has two additional evolution forms than what I had supposed before.  In fact, if you name it Sakura and then evolve an Eevee you get a powerful psychic Pokémon, and if you name it Tamao you get a powerful dark Pokémon:

The new Pokémon are funny.  Pokémon has always had this sort of tongue-in-cheek pun like humor to it.  I suppose it’s a Japanese thing maybe.  I remember when I pointed out the most racist Pokémon, Porygon, to Maus. He said, “Why is that…” and then got this look on his face of total shocking realization.  Fun times!  I gathered all my screenshots of caught Pokémon since last time I updated, which was a looong time ago.  What I usually do is find the best pokémon of a particular type and then post that pic.  I’ve caught WAY more than are posted here, these are just the best so far.  Here they are:

However, the best Pokémon moment of the day, was when I successfully achieved level 21!

I hope to try to employ my morning Pokémon GO routine this week during the week as well, at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We’ll see how it goes, but it should be fun.  It’s better than sleeping!

Gotta catch ’em all!

photo credit: Фото Москвы Moscow-Live.ru IMG_6805 via photopin (license)


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