Pokémon GO Round Up 8

pokemongoPokémon GO has been a bit of an experience.  It’s nothing life-changing, I mean, come on.  But it is fun to see what kind of Pokémon you can come across.  I was waiting for Maus outside of his work and I saw the silhouette of a Pokémon that looked amazing.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t move, so I didn’t end up getting one.  You’ll know I live in a very populated area, so I run into all sorts of things.  My apartment is almost on top of a gym, which is nice.

If you’re interested in Pokémon GO, you can purchase the app directly by clicking the image to the left.

I haven’t done anything particularly special when it comes to the Pokémon.  On my last post we had just gone hunting in the Elizabeth and City Park area of the city, and today I’m looking forward to maybe hunting some more elsewhere in the city this weekend.  Despite that, however, I did have something happen.

First, my eggs hatched.  I’d had them sitting around for a while:


And now they hatched!


They hatched into the following, though bit underwhelming:

On our walk around City Park and Elizabeth I was able to get in on a gym for a very brief moment.  It was kind of neat though to see me out there:


But in other news that I found more interesting, I evolved a Venonat!  I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t ever done that before, and today I noticed I had enough candies.  I was surprised with the result:


I decided I’d power up my Venomoth and Raticate:

All in all I’ve ended up with quite a haul.  I was able to get three pretty cool Pokémon, but unfortunately, most of their combat points are pretty low, which is kind of crap.  But I’m proud of these evolved three.  The Golbat is like 400 points!

After such cool stuff, here are highlights from the rest of my catch:

Pretty big update!  We’ll see how this weekend goes.

photo credit: O Pikachu, Pikachu, Wherefore art thou Pikachu? via photopin (license)


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