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Well, today was an interesting day.  I actually stayed awake in the morning, which resulted in so much being done!  I gotta do this more often, in fact, I plan to always stay up.  That’s always the plan, but, something always seems to go awry.  But, if I stay up in the morning and the days are like today, I’ll have more motivation.  I hunted for Pokémon in the morning, read some articles, programmed a bit, and then… what else to do?

Well, go to dinner of course!

Because my computer crashed I actually have two dinner recipes backed up.  I have some left overs that I plan to utilize for dinner, though with our schedule I’m not really sure when that’s going to happen.  Maus and his co-workers are meeting up at a bar tomorrow after work, and I’m invited, and then we may actually see Ghostbusters.

In the mean time, tonight I was planning to warm up some of the Tilapia with Sweet Potatoes, but instead Captain wanted to try out Wabi Sabi.  I guess it took the place of Suehiro in Old Town for sushi and other such dishes.  Aly, Maus, and I liked to go to Suehiro before, I don’t know if they still have a location out there on Harmony, so I thought it sounded like a good idea.

It was a good idea!  We had the Gyoza compliments Captain, and I had a dinner platter of Chicken Katsu.  You know what comes complimentary with food at Wabi Sabi?  Miso soup and salad!


As you can see here, there’s Maus… playing Pokémon GO.  We’re all hooked on it now.  I think it’s a wonderful thing the things this game has done for America in the week it’s been out.  It’s really nice.

I didn’t capture the Gyoza, which was unfortunate, as they were steamed.  Just the way I like ’em!  But on top of that, despite being served with a pesto sauce I couldn’t eat (pesto sauce usually has peanuts), they were absolutely delicious!  I’ve never had a better pot sticker in my life.  I don’t know what it was, but I definitely want the recipe.  Ah well, it’s not a big chain (as far as I know) so no one’s going to be cracking that one.

Then came the Chicken Katsu.  It has vegetables, a mango salsa, and wasabi mashed potatoes.  It was incredible.  I have to say it’s one of my favorite dishes now in Old Town.  It looked something like this (I forgot to take a pic before I dug in I was so excited):


So, although the very nice waiter asked if we were going to have some dessert, we declined because our dessert was waiting somewhere else… my treat!  It was… boba!  Yesterday I discovered that the Lyric Cinema Café has boba when they advertised a deal where if you show them your Pokédex you get $1 off their boba.

The boba was good, a bit different.  The flavors were more authentic, but did not have as much variety as other places we’ve gotten boba from.  I got raspberry and it was delicious, very creamy, but the size of the boba and the texture of the drink was different than other bobas I’ve had.  For a quick boba fix just steps away from the apartment, it’s a good deal.  But, my heart might still be with the almond milk tea from Teriyaki Wok II.

I forgot to get a picture of the boba.  I wanted to show how they were smaller than the other boba I’ve had elsewhere.

However, the café has something that Teriyaki Wok II doesn’t have: atmosphere.  The café is on top of a two screen movie theater.  Not just any movie theater, a community artsy movie theater.  It’s really nice, couches, pinball machine, and all sorts of things.  I couldn’t visit without taking a picture of this:


Outside of the Lyric there has been quite a bit of construction.  With the fence up we don’t really see it from the ground level.  I have no idea what it looks like or what they’re making.  But… on our way to the Lyric Cinema Café I stepped up on a grassy hill near the sidewalk and suddenly I could see inside.  This is what burgeoning downtown looks like:


Well, a night’s a night, and it’s becoming time for me start wrapping it up and settle down into dream land.  So, here’s to construction, sushi, chicken katsu, reading, and…. POKÉMON!

photo credit: Ray Johnson’s Art World @ RL Feigen Gallery via photopin (license)


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