The Neverending Salad

This weekend I got to see The Neverending Story.  I haven’t seen that movie in a very long time.  It used to be one of my almost obsessed over movies when I was younger and when I was a teenager.  You have to remember, I was born pretty much when this movie was coming out.  Watching it now, I realize how hokey some of the effects and storytelling are, but at the time, this was prime stuff.

The effects were good, but at the same time, dated.  And the funny thing is, I was able to look at the movie through different eyes then when I saw it a long time ago.  I kind of thought to myself that how I was seeing it now was maybe how my adopted brother saw it when I was a little coocoo over it.  The young kid that acted the art of Bastian is really bad, I just hadn’t ever noticed before we watched it with our opera friend Rachel at her apartment about 4 or 5 years ago.  He is soooo bad, but, he got the job done.

I used to obsess over these kinds of movies when I was younger.  I didn’t own any copies of my own, so much like Howard the Duck, Labyrinth, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and others, I had to wait until some circumstance in my life allowed me to see it again (it was usually called cable).  I loved those movies.

The way it was, was that I used to be really receptive to what I call “emotional spaces.”  An emotional space is kind of like a total environment constructed by emotion.  When you live in an emotional space you see everything tinted with the feelings in that space.  Imagine, if you will, the climactic scene in a movie where there’s just total heart-ache.  Take that heart-ache, that particular contrivance, and wrap it up into a feeling that lasts longer than five minutes.  That’s an emotional space.  It’s almost like an emotional philosophy to life.

Emotional spaces can be fun, they can color our days, and even inspire us to think up our own creations.  They can also be extremely harrowing.  You can get stuck in an emotional space, and then never be able to get out, or so it seems.  That’s happened to me too.

I realized that there were a couple things that happened and were recorded while the blog was quiet.  I thought I’d go through some of those briefly.  Here’s a shot of me at the Loveland Opera Theatre’s Christmas Gala.


Speaking of Christmas Trees… it appears like I never really shared the Christmas Tree we got.  Maybe we did, but I can’t find it.  In that light, here’s a picture of the Christmas Tree with Maus’ new ornament that he got from my family.


The tree was there when we had our Christmas party, and it was also there when we celebrated New Years.  I wrote about New Years, but I never really posted a picture or any update on what happened on New Years.  Here’s Maus and I holding Sparkling Apple Cider:


During Christmas, my Nephew had a birthday.  Hurricane and Blood Brother have a low-sugar gluten free diet, so the cake was specially made by Hurricane.  It was three layers and was pretty good!


A surprise around New Years was this guy I met in my Mii Plaza:


And of course, my glass bowl shattered:


I picked up Maus from work, actually, I pick up Maus from work every day so that I have the car and go places.  One day I picked up Maus and there was this beautiful sunset:


I also made a couple dishes and ate out, eating pizza and a mint chocolate chip shake.  Not real big news here.  But I made Sweet and Sour Sausage and Kraut, and some Crab Cheese Rarebit.  Alas:

The only thing other thing significant that I think of that happened was I saw this at Barnes and Noble.  I’ll write more about this later:


Well, after that whirl-wind.  Saturday, I woke up, fursuited.  Went and played a board game at a coffee shop.  Then I went to a recital.  And lastly, as I have written I saw The Neverending Story.  I’ll make a separate post documenting the fursuiting, but here’s a preview:


The recital was interesting.  It was good!  It was by a friend of ours named Jennifer DiDominici (sp?).  I got a shot of it, but not a very good one:


It was about “the perfect woman.”

I also played a game Captain bought us, Eldritch Horror, at the Wild Boar.  Looked a little something like this:


So Saturday was a pretty big day.

I know that this post was on super speed and had a lot of pictures, but this is my attempt to catch up to where I am / was.  So, now everything in my ‘real’ life should be caught up now and we can move forward with some more detailed posts about stuff.

Then today, I made Apple, Beet, and Arugula Salad:


In another post, I’ll post the catch up pictures pertaining to the Tomodachi Happiness, and Houses and Leaves.

Keep posted for my fursuiting post, coming up next.

photo credit: Washington @ Grant via photopin (license)


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