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A while ago we went to Barnes and Noble because they were having a sale on “pop culture” items, and you could get three Marvel graphic novels for the price of two.  I thought Maus might like that because he was into superheroes.  I also had a 20% off coupon I got in the mail, and with my card that makes it 30% off.  Walking through the store, I’ve seen this display before:

I want them all!!! #totoro #myneighbortotoro #kikisdeliveryservice #jiji

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But something particular about it struck me this time.  Perhaps it was the enormous music box with Totoro and Mei that moved, or perhaps it was the little clock with Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service looking at it that you could hang on the wall.  Either way, I was enamored.  I wish I could get them all, but since they are imports form Japan to Barnes and Noble they are quite expensive.  They even come in Japanese boxes (that being, the boxes are labeled originally in Japanese).  The cat looking at the clock is so precious, ah!  Maus said that with his next paycheck we can come to the store, and perhaps with a coupon (that is 20% off any one item), we can buy a Totoro trinket.  Totoro reminds of when I watched it one New Year’s Eve at home earlier in Maus’ and I’s relationship.  This was up in Handyville, and I kept falling asleep.  It was past midnight and we were waiting for my parents to come home from their party down the street.  I love these trinkets, they’re so adorable!  However, Maus did buy me a couple nice things, one of them being this:

Wonderful husband bought me this. #rocketraccoon #barnesandnoble

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It’s a Rocket Raccoon keychain! I love Rocket Raccoon, being a furry it’s almost an obligation to have him as my favorite character.  I love how he is portrayed in the movies.  In fact, I was talking to Maus at the café and noted, while exchanging my keychain, that if it was ever possible to change my appearance with genetics I would probably not be that big.  What I mean is, if I could become a real-life furry with genetics I don’t think I’d elect to be adult sized.  I’d rather be probably half the size I am now, that would feel more natural to me, as if I was an eight year old.  Of course, it’ll be a bit odd, seeing as how by the time we’re able to do that with genetics we’ll probably already have figured out how to live for really long periods of time.  I’ll be this 237 year old eight-year-old looking wunk.  It is like something out of a sci-fi novel.

At the book store I did find something kind of cool, and I texted it to Captain.  She expressed great desire to obtain this item, so I got it for her as a gift:

Maus and I inscribed it personally to her with a funny message.  It’s not the complete works of Lovecraft, but it does have all the Cthulu tales.  I hope you like it Captain!  I personally have yet to read all the Cthulu tales, but I’m going to be working towards it.  We actually went to Colorado Springs on Sunday so I was able to deliver it to her, as she is visiting the Springs for vocal reasons.  We went to a voice “recital” show while we were there, but Captain wasn’t in that one.  We’re hoping to see her again this weekend.

So these days, now that I don’t have the part time job anymore, I spend more time at Starbucks.  This is more traditional for me.  So, I was walking to Starbucks one morning when I discovered this in Old Town Square:

Old Town Yoga #oldtown

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It was kind of cool.  I guess it’s called Old Town Yoga, so that was kind of neat.  I’m not sure what pose they were doing in that picture, I don’t know too much about yoga poses.  Maybe yoga is something I should get into?  It would be a very lightweight exercise for me, and in fact, I live right down the street from a yoga studio! Hmmm…

We decided to eat at Ramen Master, which is this cool place that’s in the same building as the Parking Center in Old Town.  It’s neat because we can walk there, well, like anywhere in Old Town.  However, I discovered this visit that they’re starting to serve Bubble Tea, which is excellent.  I ordered a Taro, but I discovered when they brought it out that they serve “slushy” bubble teas, whereas I thought it was going to be a straight milk tea.  Slushy was fine, but it was super cold!

Maus got the Caterpillar Roll, and it was very cute:

Caterpillar Roll at Ramen Master #oldtown #ramenmaster #sushi

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Well, I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow at 11, and then she wants me to start attending this social anxiety group that starts at 1.  So, I may have more on those next post.  For now, I’ll be saying goodbye, thanks for reading!

photo credit: Payfu Totoro in Neo-Tokyo via photopin (license)


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