Two Dish Recap

So I know I posted in the previous weekly post about what dishes I was going to make.  Well, it’s been a week and I haven’t made ALL the dishes.  That’s pretty average for me though… I’ll plan out recipes for the week, and then things’ll happen that get in the way.  We end up going out some days, invited other places other days, or like this week, we’re going up to Handyville for Christmas to see my relatives (who are not half-wolf half-skunk).  But, it’s all worked out because there are two dishes left to make, the fish fillets, and the shrimp.  Both have been frozen, so there’s no problem there.  I’m defrosting the fish fillets in the refrigerator after deciding that the sink was going to take too long for tonight.  And the shrimp are easy to defrost and cook up!

But I did make the sweet and sour chicken, as well as the vegetable tangine and stuffed peppers.

The first dish I made was the stuffed peppers.  I unfortunately didn’t get the peppers on camera (I forgot to take a shot), but they came out well.  However, the meat mixture in four, I believe four, peppers was too much.  Now I have a mexican meat mixture in a baggy in the fridge and I don’t really know what to do with it.

The meat mixture was interesting: rice, onions, and such, it was good!  It was a bit like meatloaf, but in a pepper, which added more flavor to it.  I love meatloaf so it was fine by me.

Here’s how the sweet and sour chicken turned out:


The thing about the sweet and sour chicken is that I thought it was going to be like asian sweet and sour.  But it turns out to be more like barbecue sweet and sour.  You know, those barbecue glazes that are less barbecue and more sweet.  That’s what these were like, which was a little disappointing, but it was good none-the-less!  I made these on a baking sheet when really I should’ve made it in a baking dish (cornware).  Next time I’ll know.  The problem with the baking sheet was that the sauce was pretty liquid-y and not very thick, so it went everywhere rather than coating the chicken.  So, I flipped the chicken and basted it in the syrup while it baked, opening the oven every bit.  Then, because the sauce was thin it started to burn (which was what I was watching for), so then out it came!

Unfortunately, the sauce somehow got in-between the reynolds wrap and the baking sheet.  I tried to use the reynolds wrap to make clean up easier… yeah right.  Weird thing is, the peppers stuck the reynolds wrap to the sheet too.  Maybe I got crappy reynolds wrap…  Anyways, the reynolds wrap became fused to the baking sheet.  I couldn’t scrape or pull it off at all.  I had no other choice but to place it in water with soap.  It sat for a while when eventually Captain started peeling the reynolds wrap off.  It was oddly satisfying for her… *o.o*  Heehee.  Hey, that’s according to her!  The baking sheet sat for a day before I cleaned it, but I think that may have been a mistake because it made the apartment a little smelly and I’m trying to get rid of it.  I’m sure you wanted to know that.

So then we moved on to the vegetable tangine (what’s a tangine?):


This vegetable soup was a dandy to make.  It had three zucchinis, one eggplant, two sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, three carrots and such.  That’s a lot of vegetables.  I had to make it in my huge pasta cooking pot (should’ve taken a picture, dammit!)  The recipe said that I’d have to use some chicken broth, with some honey and such.  However, the amount of chicken broth that they suggested was WAY not enough.  I just poured the entire box into the pot, and it still didn’t really reach the top.  But I think that was on purpose because the vegetables softened and sneaked down the pot a bit.  I let it sit in the pot overnight in the refrigerator (I had to make room for that drum!) and it tasted good.


Maus told me I had to post this shot because it was funny.  This is Ovaltine, as you can see in the background.  This is in almond milk.  Normally I drink it in Rice Dream, but that was before I switched to delicioso almond milk.  Strangely, when I used Rice Dream the Ovaltine dropped down to the bottom.  Milk does the same thing, creating a rain of chocolate.  Almond milk, particularly really old almond milk, does this.  I know it’s not as funny in writing than seeing it for the first time in real life, but Maus said I should post it to my blog.

The ovaltine tasted good!

photo credit: Return to Beauty the vook via photopin (license)


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